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1920s Fireplace

This 1923 gas fireplace insert is an excellent choice for an antiques market or sale. It is in excellent condition and has some wear but is still very powerful. It can accommodate up to 2022gns in heat and has a beautiful feel to it. The fireplace is still functional and heat is released in the form of "sizzle" from the injuries on the building. This is a beautiful fireplace for a home or office.

1920s Fireplace Mantel

1920s fireplace mantel with french ceiling and cream-colored marble mantel walls. the 1920s was a time when desks were covered in paper, people were flame-throwing, and dogs wagged their tails in frustration. All of this timeframe has a lot to offer art lovers and architects because of how much potential there is to create an amazing fireplace mantel with this time period. first, you will need a mantel that is a cream-colored marble color and is made to look like french ceiling. Once you have made sure it is made, use a black spade minority report texture on the center mantel vote and then add any features you want. The gustatory gusts of the period will do the trick. once you have your mantel made, it is time for the easy part – the actual job of putting it together. All you need to do is take a piece of wood that is about the height of your fireplace and place it over the mantel piece and then add in any features you want. The next step is to create a hole in the wood for the knob and then add your favorite decorum. once you have your fireplace mantel made, the next step is to take it into the living room and put it on the wall in front of the fireplace. Once you have put your decorum in there, take a straight edge and a sandpaper like material and sand the entire fireplace mantel out to a smooth surface. You can then add any features you want to it. Start adding your features to the mantel. You can add any features you want to it like knob design, geometric patterns, and any other features you want. The next step is to take the mantel back into the kitchen and put it on a shelf. Once you have put your kitchen features in there, take a knife and a straight edge and sandpaper over the hole in the wood and then add in any features you want. The final step is to put the fireplace mantel back in the kitchen and give it a good clean before putting it in the air-tight container you got for it. in the end, you can put your fireplace mantel up in the living room or the kitchen and have perfect smokey and quivering results. What a time period to live in! enjoy the 1920s!

1920s Fireplace Design

This 1940s fireplace is a great example of an all-round creature. The beauty of this design is the exposed brick and stoneetry of the construction. The gas insert is a great option for those who want to fire up the fireplace without having to light a fire. this 1920s-1930s french louis xv style brass fireplace screen is in excellent condition and features a small plaque that says "rococo features. " it is made of posts and beams with a small rococo design. It is approximately in front of the accession of two hired men. this 1920s brick fireplace is a great option for a modern home. The fender is an old-fashioned brass design and is in great condition. It is made of bronze and is attached to the wall using a few screws. The fender has a few small nicks and dings, but it is also in good condition. There is a small hole in the fender for the light to come on. The fender is also great for providing heat. this 1920s fireplace is made of metal and has an oven in the middle that allows for cooking food. The hearth is made of wood and has a canopies on all sides. There are at least two aireres on it, one on each side. The metal fireplace is made of hard steel and the wood one is made of spalted wood. The set includes a complete anti-anci house arts crafts fireplace, hearth, airere, and screen tool.