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36 Inch Tall Fireplace Screen

This 36 in inch tall bronze fireplace screen is a beautiful way to add a touch of rust to your home office or kitchen. The leaves and branches are heavy metal and the finish is a heavy hit with customers. This screen is perfect for a big or big room. The heavy metal is made to last with its heavyduty construction. The final touch of the fireplace screen is the heavyiaon of branches and leaves.

Cheap 36 Inch Tall Fireplace Screen

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36 Inch Tall Fireplace Screen Walmart

This heavy metal folding fireplace screen is 36 iniles tall and features branches, leaves, heavy metal folding design and a long life stocking. It is a great addition to any home it is not afraid to life it with or without a fire. this rustic 36 inch tall fireplace screen is composed of branches, leaves, and heavy metal folding fire fireplace screen. It has a heavy bronze color. The screen is 36 inch tall and has a foldable metal screen. The screen isopping at 56 inch wide, it is going to create a beautiful fireplace in your home. this heavy metal folding fire screen is 36 in tall and features branches, leaves and heavy metal folding design. It is good for adding a rustic touch to your room. this heavy metal folding firescreen is 36 inch tall and boasts branches, leaves, and heavy metal folds. It is perfect for a small or large room with a fire.