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Christmas Fireplace

Our vtg christmas fireplace wrap feels soft and luxurious. It has a cute deer-free house feature and is made of soft, breathable vtg paper. It's a great gift for that special someone!

Cardboard Fireplace

There’s no need for a fireplace when you can build a cardboard fireplace. The cardboard will just feel nice and warm to the touch, unlike a real firehouse. The cardboard also has a few advantages over a real firehouse. First, it can be built in any area of the house, since it is mostly made of wood. Second, the cardboard is non-toxic, so it can be stored and used again and again. Finally, the cardboard fireplace is easy to clean, since you can clean it with a soap and water approach. So far, we have used a few pieces of cardboard to build fires in our kitchen, and they have always been a hit. We highly recommend this build to anyone looking for a simple, but effective and healthy way to fire up the home.

Fireplace Christmas

This tearaway fireplace christmas time! Is a perfect addition to any home. This replaced old fireplace is made with vtg 1960 napco fireplace stockings sleeping baby cat and dog christmas planter. The perfect finishing touch to any home, this piece is perfect for the christmas home with its voted up atmosphere. this item is a vintage cardboard fireplace wrap that features a christmas ceremony. The wrap is made of cardboard and has a white adhesive side. It is about 15'' wide x 20'' long x 1'' thick. The white adhesive side is on the upper left hand side. The lower right hand side has a small hole for a mirror. The piece has a weight for the fireplace (not shown) and is closed by a metal zip top closure. This gift is best for use with children aged 10 years or older. this fake christmas fireplace is a unique and unique piece of furniture. It is a little old school but still looking modern in its cardboard framed cardcardboard design. This fireplace is perfect for a inner room or single room of your home. It is also versatile for use in an open floor plan or in a room with more natural light. The cardcardboard design means that this fireplace is heat resistant and also freezes well. this vintageocreate cardboard fireplace prop is a great option for a fun and unique fireplace in your home. With its modern light up lens and mantle, this fireplace will add a touch of luxury to any home design. Other features include small stockings that light up when hit with heat and a loaner lamp to add a touch of supplemental light.