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Faux Stone Fireplace Mantels

This fireplace mantel has a faux fireplace fiberglassed look and feel and is made to work with an electric log fireplace. It is also non working and has electric logs included for the perfect accent to any room.

Stone Fireplace Mantle

There's no doubt that a stone fireplace mantle is a beautiful and expensive addition to a home, but there're a few benefits to this planning feature. First, when the fireplace is burning hot, the smoke and heat it creates is strong and durable. It's potential is also used to heat all the way to the floor, which makes it an ideal place to live in cold climates. Second, stone fireplace mantles cost more to produce than naturalwood or other similar materials, because ad spenders must pay for doing something else to make the purchase. With the righthartman fireplace mantles, the "burner" is already there when you get the house, and you can just as easily have it burning through the $100/monthly bill you're spending on fireplaces. Third, the design of a mantle is very important. A mantle should be designed to look like a work of art, with intricate designs and patterns that will make your guests feel like they're looking in a painting. Fourth, a stone fireplace mantle is a very good investment and can generate a great deal of income in its own right.

Small Stone Fireplace

This small stone fireplace is a great addition to your home and will add some warmth to your room. The fireplace can be used for sleep or to wake up to. The tan faux stone is a great material for a small fireplace and it has a modern look to it. this electric fireplace grey faux stone mantel fireplace is a new addition to your home and you can be sure it will be a classic addition to your living space. This fireplace is a free standing affair, standing at 42 inches with a remote, making it a perfect piece for your home. The electric fireplace is capabilities include fireplaces all over the place and is capable of providing a couple of watts of heat, making it perfect for smaller spaces. The finish is a nice, simple faux stone that will add a touch of luxury to your home. this natural stone fireplace mantel has a sleek, modern look and is made out of brushed pine faux stone 50. It has a wall-mount option and is from whittington freestanding electric fireplace heater. It has a small amount of noise level, but it is a easy to use and quick to heat up fire. this fireplace is a great addition to any room on earth! It is electric, but it will an electric fireplace because it uses only electricity to function. The mantel on this fireplace is an amazing, cyber-friendly version of flamboyant brownstone with an infrared tan brown finish. The mantel is a great place to relax and enjoy the untreated wood floor with its natural dirt texture. The electric fireplace is a great addition to any home that wants to enjoy the fresh air that is the sun has to offer.